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About Our Yacht Transport Services

If you have just purchased a yacht or large boat, you may be unsure about the best delivery means. You may also be confused as many hauling companies advertise hauling large boats, but do not have the machinery to transport yachts. Who do you trust with your valuable marine equipment and yachts? Well, it is advisable to choose a yacht transport partner with an undamaged reputation, vast experience, open and clear communication, and a partner you can always rely on. This is why Global Principles Logistics is the premier partner to assist you with shipping your yacht or large boat.

Our over 10 years of experience in transporting yachts and shipping it safely ensures that your load arrives at its destination safely. It is vital that your vessel gets to its destination on schedule and in a safe manner. Our logistics team will ensure this is our primary focus when shipping.

Our vessel shipping division has resources in selected markets in the United States and is ready to securely handle vessels up to 60 feet and 70,000lbs with our float-on trailers or haul your boat and trailer with our equipment.  Contact the experts today!

The Reliable Yacht Transport Company

When selecting a yacht shipping company, there are many factors you should consider. Global Principles Logistics is the right choice for your yacht or large boat shipping needs.

  • Safety Record: A flawless safety record that ensures all precautions are taken before any transport job.
  • Capability Our experienced logistic experts will assess your needs and ensure that we can manage your job.
  • Rates Global Principles Logistics offers the most competitive and fair rates within the industry.
  • Review: See our reviews to make sure you’re able to trust the top yacht and large boat shipping professionals in the business.
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Our Yacht Transport Delivery Guarantee

Global Principles Logistics is focused on quality and safety in trucking, as well as keeping our promises to customers. We take extra care when your yacht or large boat is delicate and we deliver it on-time. For any questions or concerns, your logistics agent will be there from dispatch until delivery. We will work tirelessly to get your vessel to its destination. Let’s move that vessel today!

How Does Yacht Transport Work?

Every day, yacht transport companies and independent truckers haul large vessels across the United States. 

It can be difficult to ship a yacht at the lowest price. This requires coordination and planning. A shipping broker is the best way to book yacht shipping jobs. Customers can compare offers from multiple carriers by using a broker, who will work with several carriers to help them find the best deal based on vessel type, shipping dates and other requirements (such as enclosed transport or open transport). A broker can advertise shipping requests, and contractors will bid for the jobs, which reduces the final cost to the customer. GPL has it’s own equipment to handle your move and we also broker loads when our equipment is not available.  

The cost of shipping yachts and large boats to another country can vary due to this bidding process. The following factors are likely to have an impact on yacht shipping costs:

  • Season: Prices are highest in summer when shippers work at their busiest.
  • Distance: It will cost more to ship your yacht further away.
  • Type: The shipping costs of your yacht can be affected by its length, weight, clearance, and height. Shipments of marine equipment that are not in operation will cost you more.
  • Transport Type: Equipment shipping by enclosed transport is more expensive than open auto transport.
  • Pickup Location: Door to door delivery of a yacht is more costly than terminal-to–terminal delivery. Transporting to or from rural areas can also be more costly than to and from urban areas.

Why Pick GPL As Your Yacht Transport Company?

There are many yacht shipping companies and shippers operating in the United States. You should consider comparing multiple options if you are looking for the best yacht shipping prices.

You may have more options if you are flexible with shipping dates. However, most people require their vessel shipped within a specific time frame and cannot afford to delay. A shipping broker is the best way to find a shipper for your boat, regardless of whether you require it to be shipped immediately or if you prefer to wait until a lower price. Take into consideration the following before you make your final decision:

  • Insurance: Are shipping partner insured? Many shippers offer cargo insurance, which will protect your vehicle in the event of damage during transportation. Some brokers offer insurance at no cost, while others charge an additional fee. Global Principles Logistics is fully ensured and bonded!
  • Review: Read customer reviews and see the experiences of others who have used a particular shipper. Yacht shipping brokers often provide feedback to customers or vet their partners. GPL has a 5 star rating on Google from REAL clients!
  • Price: Once a shipper has been verified to be reliable, it is important that you know the price. A reliable shipping service is usually worth the extra cost. Global Principles Logistics offers the BEST price and BEST service in the industry!

Our Yacht Transport Process

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Why Choose GPL For Your Yacht Transport?

Handled & Shipped with Care

GPL has been shipping all kinds of yachts and large boats throughout the US for over a decade. Specialized shipping agents are standing by to walk you through the entire yacht transport process, ensuring proper care and shipping of your vessel at all times.

Professional Services

We know that you want your yacht to arrive as clean as when you left it. We are truly the right choice for all your yacht shipping needs. In fact, we specialize in all types of services – with timely and professional land and overseas transports.

The Yacht Shipping Experts

When you have a yacht that needs to be relocated, you need transportation experts with the experience and know-how to get the job done. Our team of professions are here to serve all of your unique needs.

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To Our Clients

Thank you for visiting our webpage and your interest in GPL assisting you with the transport of your Yacht.  We want to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible and earn your trust.

Shipping any large item can be complicated so to streamline the starting point (our conversation with you), it is vital that you fill out the data request form on this page. Once we get it and review your Yacht specifications, we will schedule an in-depth call with you to ensure we have all the facts and a complete understanding of your needs. Please take a moment and provide us with all of the requested data. We look forward to working with you!