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Our Oversize Load Shipping Services

Global Principles Logistics provides full-service Oversize Load Shipping. Oversize Load Shipping Drivers are professionals who have extensive experience with transporting machinery that is “oversized” or over-weight. We have drivers in every 50 states. Global Principles Logistics aims to provide our clients with professional, customized services along with guidance for all of your needs.

Our over 10 years of experience in transporting large loads and shipping them safely ensures that your load arrives at its destination safely. It is vital that your load gets to its destination on schedule and in a safe manner. Our logistics team will ensure this is our primary focus when shipping.

For No-obligation Shipping Estimates or hauling in formation, please contact us today. We are open to any questions, concerns, and comments.

The Reliable Oversize Load Shipping Company

When selecting an oversize load carrier, there are many factors you should consider. Global Principles Logistics is the right choice for your Oversize Load shipping needs.

  • Safety Record: A flawless safety record that ensures all precautions are taken before any transport job.
  • Capability Our experienced logistic experts will assess your needs and ensure that we can manage your job.
  • Rates Global Principles Logistics offers the most competitive and fair rates within the industry.
  • Review: See our reviews to make sure you’re able to trust the top oversize load shipping professionals in the business.
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Our Oversize Load Shipping Delivery Guarantee

Global Principles Logistics is focused on quality and safety in trucking, as well as keeping our promises to customers. We take extra care when your load is large and we deliver it on-time. For any questions or concerns, your logistics agent will be there from dispatch until delivery. We will work tirelessly to get your large load to its destination. Let’s move that oversize load right now!

What Is An Oversize Load?

It will depend on the route you are using and where you are traveling to determine if a load is too large. Before shipping any items that you suspect might fall under this category, make sure you check local laws.

Each state has its own regulations regarding oversize loads. However, the following are the dimensions that make a load considered oversized.

  • What is a wide load? A load greater than 8 feet 6 inches. A wide load is defined as one that exceeds 8 ft. 6 in.
  • What is considered an oversize load? A load that exceeds 13 feet 6 inches. An oversize load is one that is more than 13 ft. 6 in.
  • What is an overweight load? Any load that exceeds 46,000 lbs. is considered overweight.

The regulations regarding oversize loads can change depending on where they are located. Here are some examples of items generally considered oversized

  • Tractors
  • Combinations
  • Bulldozers
  • Cranes
  • Loaders
  • Backhoes
  • Mobile homes
  • Prefabricated homes
  • Wind blades
  • Steel beams
  • Generators

Why Choose GPL For Your Oversize Load Shipping Services?

Handled & Shipped with Care

GPL has been shipping all kinds of Oversized & Heavy Loads throughout the US for over a decade. Specialized Oversize Load Shipping Agents are standing by to walk you through the entire oversized equipment transport process ensuring proper care and shipping of your equipment at all times.

Professional Services

We know that you want your oversize loads to arrive as clean as when you left it. We are truly the right choice for all your Oversized & Heavy Equipment needs. In fact, we specialize in all types of freight services – with timely and professional land and overseas transports.

The Oversize Shipping Experts

When you have an oversized item that needs to be relocated, you need transportation experts with the experience and know-how to get the job done. Our network of certified shipping professionals has the resources required to handle shipments of any size. Let our team of heavy hauling specialists put their experience to work for you.

Client Testimonials

What Our Real Clients Say About Global Principles Logistics

Highly professional and responsive. Excellent attention to issues over phone. They arranged for a carrier to pick up my classic car to ship to Georgia. Very flexible on scheduling, including when I needed to move back the pickup date. I have made arrangements with same company for return shipment and will use them in the future.
Michael Heenan
Exceptional service as always! Being in the military for 10 years and have been using Bill's services for 8 of those years as recommended via a friend. Easy to work with and always has your best interest. I'd argue against anyone who says otherwise.
Charles Maxey
I will use them every time I need to move any vehicle. Bill went above and beyond to get our trucks delivered to us. His drivers are very professional and they stay in contact with you through out their trip. I got updates from Bill everyday as well. I highly recommend Global Principles to anyone who needs a transportation company to move their trucks, equipment, machines etc.
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