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Global Principles Logistics offers you a full-service, Mobile Home transport program. We offer services for your Single-Wide or your “staged to move”, Double-Home, across the USA.   Contact us for details. We have the most experienced staff and highly specialized equipment in transporting modular and “oversized” homes. Global Principles Logistics is committed to providing professional, customized services for all our clients. We also offer guidance and support in all of your transportation needs. “Staged to Move” is the term for a double-wide home that is separated and wrapped, ready for transport. 

Transporting a mobile house is not an easy task. Global Principles Logistics provides the easiest way to transport a mobile home from one location to another. Our experience includes towing and transporting single and double-wide manufactured homes, modular and park model homes, mobile offices, and tiny homes. 

Our single-wide setup rate starts at $5000 (depending upon the site inspection condition of the home) plus knockdown and shipping preparation costs. Pricing for a double-wide starts at $10,000 for setup plus knockdown and shipping preparation costs and is determined after a discussion & site review. .  The fee for the site visit and home examination will be discussed with the homeowner on a planning call. The professional site examination fee is deducted from the total cost, if we are engaged. Transportation mileage for all moves is charged based on the size of the home, calculated by round trip mileage from our vehicle yard.

Please fill out the data form on the website so we have ample information for our initial discussion. 

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Why You Need A Company To Move Your Mobile Home Park

According to the American Sociological Review 2017, 5.6% (18 million) Americans live in mobile homes. This makes them the “single largest unsubsidized affordable housing source” in the country. Relocation is a topic that is becoming more popular with so many people living in mobile homes. It is important to be familiar with the details of moving mobile homes and the laws that govern mobile home movement. This can impact your ability to move to specific areas.

Living in a mobile home has many benefits, including lower maintenance and purchase costs as well as environmental friendliness. They are safer than ever thanks to certain HUD codes , which were introduced in the late 1970s. These codes cover everything from heating and air conditioning to structural design and fire safety.

A mobile home is also attractive because of its convenience. Mobile homes are often able to be towed on the backs of trucks and moved, which is a big advantage over a single-family detached home. This is a huge benefit, but it’s not always easy.

Mobile home laws dictate how and when a property can be moved. How do you find out if your property can be moved? Before you start packing up, here are four laws about moving a mobile house.

#1: You will need a moving permit

It is not possible to just take your mobile home with you and move on. Although the process for getting a mobile home moving permit will vary depending on where you live, there are some things you should know:

  • A certificate from the county treasurer that the property is free of unpaid or overdue taxes
  • A copy of the certificate or certificate of title. A copy of your application for a certificate title from your state’s motor vehicle department will be accepted by some counties.

You should give yourself enough time to obtain your permit before you move. Slow paperwork and approvals can cause delays that could slow down your moving day.

#2: Professional Help

When you are moving with your mobile home, there is no DIY move. To move your mobile home, you must hire a professional moving company that is licensed, bonded and insured. Global Principles Logistics comes to your rescue!

Law #3: Your Home Must Be Up To Code

These HUD codes, which we have already mentioned, aren’t just for mobile homes. They’re legal requirements that any mobile home can be placed on the map.

What does this all mean for your move You won’t be allowed to move your mobile home if it was built before 1976 when the HUD codes were adopted. This law is reinforced by most municipalities, which have their own age limits and strict local requirements regarding modern building standards for the home. A mobile home that was built in the 1970s, 1980s or ’90s may not be allowed to go.

#4: You Will Need to Review the Legal Requirements for Wherever You Are Moving

You should consider the laws in the area where your mobile home is being moved . You may need to adhere to certain zoning restrictions in the new town.

Mobile homes older than 10 or 15 year old will require some documentation to prove their structural integrity. Modern building standards have been established for a reason. If your property doesn’t meet these standards, there is no way to get around them.

Where can I start

Do not let the restrictions on moving your mobile home stop you from getting started. It’s not difficult to move your mobile home. There are many people who do it successfully every year.

Contact the mobile home movers from Global Principles Logistics for easy and efficient mobile home transport!

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Why Choose GPL For Your Mobile Home Movers Services?

Handled & Shipped with Care

GPL has been shipping all kinds of Oversized & Mobile Homes throughout the US for over a decade. Mobile Home Shipping Agents are standing by to walk you through the entire oversized equipment transport process ensuring proper care and shipping of your mobile homes at all times.

Professional Services

We know that you want your mobile home to arrive as clean as when you left it. We are truly the right choice for all your needs. In fact, we specialize in single-wide mobile home moving – with timely and professional land transportation.

The Mobile Home Moving Experts

When you have an oversized item that needs to be relocated, you need transportation experts with the experience and know-how to get the job done. Our network of certified shipping professionals has the resources required to handle single-wide hauling.

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Thank you for visiting our webpage and your interest in GPL assisting you with the transport of your Mobile Home.  We want to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible and earn your trust.

Shipping any large item can be complicated so to streamline the starting point (our conversation with you), it is vital that you fill out the data request form on this page. Once we get it and review your Mobile Homes specifications, we will schedule an in-depth call with you to ensure we have all the facts and a complete understanding of your needs. Please take a moment and provide us with all of the requested data. We look forward to working with you!